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     Cutzamala means " PLACE OF COMADREJAS " and it is thought that it was founded by the "Toltecas" emigrant group which arrived at "Tierra Caliente"  after the fire of Tula, according to the Jucutacato Codex.  
In this codex Cutzamala is called by its old name of " Apashingan " that is mentioned in the famous "Relaciones de la Diócesis de Michoacán", in the "Xochitlán or Ajuchitlán" part, of the year 1579. With that name of Apashingan, according to the tarasca´s language , must be Apazingani or Apazingán as it states the "Relación of Michoacán" of 1538 -1541 and the title "Anales de Michoacán" of Dr Nicolas Leon in 1904.